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Happy New Year!!

On behalf of everyone at Finbar On Tour – i.e. me! – I wish you, your dearest & your loved a very Happy, Peaceful & Prosperous 2012. Thanks for your support throughout 2011 & please keep following the Tour! Advertisements

Wedding Update

This week I’ve been staying in Belfast with Dina and we’ve been working on our wedding plans – focussing on getting the Florist & the Photogapher sorted out. As you’ll have read previously, we’ve sorted the venue and the videographer out, so these next two will mean we’ve got quite a bit of the big … Continue reading

Boxing Day Sales – come & gone!

A few weeks ago, Dina & I travelled to Amsterdam and whilst walking around we entered a Microsoft X-Box Kinect promotional suite in the shopping area. After a full demo and the opportunity to play tennis and a dancing game, we both decided we loved the idea & would look to see if we could … Continue reading

Boxing Day – Lurgan Styleeee!

The 26th December in the UK is ‘Boxing Day’… it’s the day after Christmas and in days gone by, a day when the Rich would give their servants a boxed gift. Today, in Northern Ireland, outside of finishing off the Turkey, it is famous for one thing… it’s Football Derby Day! This season saw the … Continue reading

December 2011 – End of Year Review

It’s the final month of the year and I’m suffering a dose of the cold. Surely a good time as any to take a ‘Finbar On Tour’ look back at the year! I started 2011 by celebrating New Years in Sydney, by the harbour watching the fireworks… it was a pretty decent start to the … Continue reading

Turning 30…

The 13th of December this year marked my 30th Birthday. Some people get gooey eyed about milestone birthdays… I didn’t, but I did do a bit of research… apparently the life expectancy of a human being in 2011 is 67 years… so I’m still under half way, which means that my ‘youth’ has been extended … Continue reading


As I mentioned on my post about our trip to Edinburgh, Dina & I have decided that November 2011 was a travel month. Our second trip was to the Netherlands, staying in Haarlem with former colleague & friend Alex, but predominately to visit Amsterdam, the capital. Again we both travelled separately from our respective homes, … Continue reading

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