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A free ticket to Celtic Park you say?


Day three of my trip to Glasgow saw me complete my preparations for the games. I attended Commonwealth House in the city centre to go through my ‘Just In Time’ training – aimed at those volunteers who were from outside the UK. It was an ecletic mix of ex-pat Scots, English, Welsh and Northern Irish – with an Indian thrown in to the mix. In truth there wasn’t much said that I hadn’t heard before, it was the usual H&S brief and a few bits about common courtesy and of course, Brand Protection.

Item two on my list was getting my uniform altered… being bit of a half pint, I needed a few inches off the length of the trousers, but found a ‘Speedy Alterations’ shop in the town and job done!

The only other item was working out where I was going to get my ticket for the Opening Ceremony’s Dress Rehearsal. I was supposed to be allocated my ticket at my Uniform & Accreditation appointment, but they didn’t provide me the ticket. Fortunately one of the volunteers at the morning session wasn’t able to go and offered me her ticket (she is a professional physiotherapist who is aiming to be working with the Australian Athletics team in Rio).

So there I was, a ticket for the East Stand in Celtic Park. Home of Glasgow Celtic Football Club.

The Transport horror stories from Saturday’s Dress Rehearsal didn’t materialise for me… I got the train to Bridgeton and a 15 minute walk got me to Parkhead. Admittedly 90 minutes before we were supposed to be in our seats, there was practically no queue at the security check (though it still amazes me how many people don’t know what big event security looks & feels like…).

Celtic Park is a big old stadium. I have a suspicion it’s only smaller than the new Wembly and Old Trafford in the UK. On three sides it is collossal – with the old ‘main’ stand being dwarfed by it’s younger peers. There seemed to be a distinct lack of corporate boxes though, which was surprising for a Stadium & Club of this stature.

Despite being 90 minutes early, I was by no means the earliest inside the ground. A lady sat next to me had been inside since before 1800… early by any standard! She turned out to be a Diving Coach from Plymouth and throughly nice too.

As for the Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal, we’ve been asked not to say anything about it before the real thing on Wednesday night, so I won’t mention anything other than I didn’t see any overt references to Rab C Nesbitt… which is a shame… a true Glasweigan if ever there was one. That said, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show when it does go ‘live’ to the Commonwealth later this week.

So another easy going and successful day in Glasgow, I have tomorrow off from Games activity, so a peaceful day in / around the hostel area will do. I’ll need to sort out my travel arrangements for the rest of the week, but other than that, it’ll be chilling out and catching up on what’s been happening in the world.



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