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Ten years away (kinda)

So ten years ago this week I packed pretty much my early possessions into the back of my Vauxhall Astra and drove to Birmingham to join (what was then) LloydsTSB. There have been emails and messages flying around from my cohort reminiscing about that initial induction weekend and of course the life memories that we’ve … Continue reading

Ed Miliband – We’re Better Together, but don’t vote Labour

This week has seen the Labour Party hold their annual Conference in the UK and as these things go, the highlight is usually the speech of the leader – Mr Ed Miliband. He went on for over an hour about a whole host of things, mostly introducing his ‘friends’ to the Labour Party… but he … Continue reading

The Irish League – moving forward?

As an expat one of the things I miss most about home is going along to watch my team Portadown each Saturday. As a former Fermanagh resident, it involves a bit of a journey – with Ballinamallard being the exception to the rule – but the opportunity to spend a bit of time with Dad, … Continue reading

Scotland Votes No

This morning I had the relative advantage of waking up at my normal time to watch the Scottish Independence Referendum via the BBC’s World Service – when I got the box going the first result had just been declared. As the dog & I sat on the sofa and watched the results come in, it … Continue reading

The Leela Kempinski, Kovalam – Kerala

This past weekend was the Good Lady’s birthday, so we headed off for a long weekend – deciding to go with the relative luxury of a Leela Kempinski resort, in Kerala. Neither of us had been to this south westerly state of India, so that was an added bonus (we’re trying to avoid repeating if … Continue reading

The Independence Question

So the disclaimers up front… I’m a unionist, originally from Northern Ireland and I believe in the Union between NI and GB. I don’t believe in devolution to the regions of the UK. I’m not all that bothered whether Scotland stays or goes. I believe nationalism, of any hue, is inherently evil and has bigotry at it’s … Continue reading

The Indian Super League – Franchise Football in India

Next month sees the commencement of the Indian Super League (ISL) – a football Franchise system modelled on the Indian Premier League (and which has been replicated in the Pro Kabaddi League here as well). Eight new teams will be formed, owned by no doubt, glamorous, rich, Indians and marketed to death. It will be screened … Continue reading

Apple Release – Unwatchable

My wife is fully in the cult… a disciple of Jobs without question. I use the products as well, though I ended up with one because the phone I actually wanted on specification was the size of a brick so whilst I appreciate that it works well and looks good, I’m not in the cult. … Continue reading

The Games

So my Commonwealth Games blogging got seriously way-laid as I changed accommodation from a reasonably decent hostel to my mate’s sofa as Glasgow’s accommodation sold out. After three nights on the couch I then ended up in a somewhat more, shall we say, down market hostel where the wifi connection was so bad, uploading a … Continue reading

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