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So my Commonwealth Games blogging got seriously way-laid as I changed accommodation from a reasonably decent hostel to my mate’s sofa as Glasgow’s accommodation sold out. After three nights on the couch I then ended up in a somewhat more, shall we say, down market hostel where the wifi connection was so bad, uploading a blog was not possible. GLASGOW 2014 099

So apologies for the fail. My bad.

Accommodation aside, the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, were thoroughly enjoyable! The volunteering at the Scotstoun Arena was mundane – there seemed to be a massive over recruitment and in order to get jobs for everyone, some positions were literally staring at unused doors! The people though were pretty decent – some right characters.

As I was predominately on the Table Tennis side of things, I got to meet, chat & interact with most of the players. In truth they weren’t exactly the Charismatic bunch you might have hoped for. The Northern Irish Excellence Coach was a chatty fella and we did talk most days, but mostly the players kept themselves to themselves.

The Squash bunch on the other hand were chatty! One role involved checking ID credentials at the Athlete’s entrance and almost without fail the Squash players were interactive and happy to get in on some banter. Nicole David – the world’s number one Female squash player – popped around the corner one afternoon. It was what I guess you might say was a typical Scottish day in that the Sunshine was interspersed with cloud, rain and temperature drops of around five degrees. She commented that I needed a jacket as it was a bit chilly… I commented that I was a bit more used to it than she might be – laughs were shared.

Otherwise, I did get to go to the Athletics at Hampden Park and Field Hockey as well – watching a Semi Final between England and Australia… in the pouring rain. I’m not particularly into either sports (the highlight at Hampden was discovering the RC trucks for collecting the discus after each throw) but to say I’ve been feels cool. Watching the 800 meters without my Aussie Cousin taking part due to injury was a bit of a downer too but it was still a pretty cool atmosphere.

So it’s all done – after the World’s Police & Fire Games in Belfast in 2013 it ranks as a really rewarding experience. The Uniform is in the closet, the notes on the CV and the photos are saved. The memories are locked in the head and noted on Social Media… would I do it again? Sure! Rio 2016 perhaps?!




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Having grown up in Co. Fermanagh where most of my family still reside, I thought it would be worthwhile to keep a blog of my travels around the rest of the UK, Europe and the World.


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