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Apple Release – Unwatchable

My wife is fully in the cult… a disciple of Jobs without question. I use the products as well, though I ended up with one because the phone I actually wanted on specification was the size of a brick so whilst I appreciate that it works well and looks good, I’m not in the cult.


Last night (IST) Apple had a live event from California to launch it’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and the Apple Watch. My wife is intending to get the new phone for her work so I decided we should watch the event to see what it was all about! And so it began…

At around 2215 I cranked open my HP Pavillion to get the stream to discover that Apple had designed their stream to only work on Safari – their own browser. I got error messages on both Crome (Google owned) and IE (Microsoft owned). Now, perhaps I missed Apple 101, but frankly after a long day I went for the path of least resistance… and cracked open the wife’s Mac Air laptop.

Sure enough the stream started working and there was scenes of people milling about the conference hall with ten minutes to go.

Being an Apple friendly home, we decided to AirPlay the video feed to our Apple TV – yes we do have all the toys – and so now we had 42″, surround sound, live Apple Event… except that after about a minute and a half of play the video froze. Speed Test

At this point, there was no major panic… a few refreshes of the screen and we had video again… and then after about 30 seconds it froze again. Our internet speed wasn’t quick enough to stream the live feed apparently (though it would stream a YouTube video on the Apple Channel without buffering.

This morning I decided to do a Speedtest on the wifi and discovered that at 0700 we were getting a download speed of 5.14MBPS and an upload speed of just over half an MBPS! I had seen a d/l speed of over 17MBPS in the past, so ran it again 20 minutes later to find a speed of 12.56MBPS with a slightly, though still not 1MBPS, u/l speed. In truth, the first score probably would ensure the video shouldn’t work last night, the second though could have seen it through.

So we gave up… went to bed and were blissfully unaware of the retail price that Apple are going to charge the cultists for their new fangled products.


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