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The Leela Kempinski, Kovalam – Kerala

The Arabian Ocean at the Leela Kempinski - Kovalam

The Arabian Ocean at the Leela Kempinski – Kovalam

This past weekend was the Good Lady’s birthday, so we headed off for a long weekend – deciding to go with the relative luxury of a Leela Kempinski resort, in Kerala. Neither of us had been to this south westerly state of India, so that was an added bonus (we’re trying to avoid repeating if we can as there’s quite a lot to see!).

What we ended up doing was relaxing, sleeping, lazing, swimming and eating in the property grounds for four days. Probably a waste of time, but as they say, if you’ve enjoyed wasting time, then it wasn’t time wasted.

What I will say about Kerala, it seems to be absolutely covered in palm trees – even Thiruvanathapuram (the new name for Trivandrum) seems to be built up out of the forest. It’s like some futuristic, apocalyptic, version of the world, where the trees fight back!

The Leela Kempinski - Kovalam

The Leela Kempinski – Kovalam

The hotel itself was really nice. The room had a balcony over looking the coast – a rocky coast at this part, with small curves of sand further around the shore – and a real feel of privacy – you couldn’t see any other rooms, though you knew they were all around. The food was outstanding all the way through. We had two special meals to celebrate the birthday – firstly a private dining experience at the ‘Tides’ restaurant down on the beach and then a special Keralan four course meal with all sorts of beautiful, local food. We even got some birthday cake!

Weather wise, as we’re still in Monsoon season, it was mostly windy, windy and windy… with cloudy cover that sometimes broke for glorious sunshine and other times broke for relieving rainfall (I’m still getting used to the idea that rain is a good thing).

All in all, a great idea, a wonderful time and a very happy birthday.



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