Hey and welcome to the Finbar On Tour Blog.

In 2002 I first left Northern Ireland to live in Newcastle Upon Tyne England, on my year professional placement from University. It was a tough time and what I realised was that I would like a way to keep all my family & friends up to date on what I’m doing beyond phone calls and texts. It wasn’t actually until 2005 when I started to blog on my second venture on to the UK Mainland.

So here, almost 15 years later, I still am talking about my journeys around the world, whether it’s describing my 27 month stint of living in Mumbai, or some of the (frankly) ridiculous trips I’ve taken to watch Northern Ireland’s international football team, or my cricketing holidays, or just simply my observations as I travel & read.

I’ve, on occasion, taken the opportunity to provide a view on life in the world in which I live and some of the aspirations for the future… so it is fair to say that the Tour journal has a flavour to it and is a reflection of me as well as where I am. It’s also enabled me to knock Finbar Furey off the top Google result for ‘Finbar on Tour’, so an added bonus.

And I plan to keep on going… I’m still living away from Northern Ireland which means that the Tour is still on. So please, keep reading, comment from time to time and keep in touch.

Thanks and God Bless.




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  1. mate, layout and new theme really works. good call.

    Posted by shivashetty | October 3, 2011, 23:54

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