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Apple Release – Unwatchable

My wife is fully in the cult… a disciple of Jobs without question. I use the products as well, though I ended up with one because the phone I actually wanted on specification was the size of a brick so whilst I appreciate that it works well and looks good, I’m not in the cult. … Continue reading

New Phone!

The end of March saw the end of my two year contract with O2, a two year contract that frankly saw me treated as a prisoner by a network provider who I had been with since they bought over Genie Mobile back in the early Naughties. I had seriously bad network issues over the full … Continue reading

Boxing Day Sales – come & gone!

A few weeks ago, Dina & I travelled to Amsterdam and whilst walking around we entered a Microsoft X-Box Kinect promotional suite in the shopping area. After a full demo and the opportunity to play tennis and a dancing game, we both decided we loved the idea & would look to see if we could … Continue reading

A Year on WordPress

November 7th sees me complete a full year on WordPress and a total of 4,005 unique visits in 12 months… sure, not a lot, but to me having commenced with 92 unique visits a year ago and having 144 this month already it goes to show that someone, somewhere is getting benefit from my musings… … Continue reading

You may not get this…

I’ve recently moved home to a flat in Streatham and have, consistently, suffered weekend internet blackouts. To add to a recent and growing list of rants about customer service (UPS, the BBC and Belfast) I have to say that BT did their best this morning to aggravate me. During yet another connection black out, I … Continue reading

Belfast – years behind

The weekend just gone, I travelled over to Northern Ireland for the weekend – and a jolly time I had too! As Dina’s mother is in town, I arranged a guided tour of Stormont for the three of us on the Friday evening by Peter Weir, MLA for North Down. Peter is one of those … Continue reading

Doing your job, that’s logistics

If you’ve been following television in the UK over the past few weeks, more than likely you’ve seen some of UPS – the logistics company’s adverts. Catchy, no? So, with an house move coming up and a few boxes of thing that I needed moving I decided to give them a go. So I logged … Continue reading

O2 – I’m leaving you!

I have around 10 month to run on my O2 mobile phone contract, yet with absolute certainty, I can tell you now, that unless they offer to move the ocean and moon for me come renewal time, I’ll be off to pastures new. I’m leaving, not because I am having issues with my network (though … Continue reading

Thank You!!

On April 6th, I blogged a message of thanks to all who had helped me reach 1,000 visits to Finbar On Tour since it moved to WordPress, in what I felt was a respectable six months timescale. How wrong was I, because here I am, less than two months later saying thank you to all … Continue reading

Thank You!!

In November, Finbar On Tour moved home from MSN Live Spaces to WordPress and has grown month on month… and yesterday, in it’s sixth month on WordPress, Finbar On Tour had it’s 1000th visit. So a big thank you from me for reading, please keep coming back!!

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