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Bengaluru – Home

On Friday evening my parents brought me to Dublin Airport for the start of the next chapter of life – and the tour – as I was emigrating to India to join up with my wife. The journey itself, with Eithad and Jet Airways, was pretty unspectacular other than a ridiculously overcrowded terminal in Abu … Continue reading

Graduation Day!!

For the past four months I have been, along with my team, attending a training course which is intended to improve our ‘Consultancy’ skills. We covered things like creating proposals, improving presentation quality, managing groups of stakeholders & individual stakeholders as well. Over the course we had day long sessions (I had a couple in … Continue reading

Quit the gurning… argh!!

It’s not normally like me to use a blog entry to talk about politics, or even, to have a good rant, however, today I feel like I need to let off some steam. Today I’d like to rant about university tuition fees – or rather the moaning about university tuition fees. Before I set off, … Continue reading

Visas, banks and beards

Well, it certainly has been a while since I’ve blogged here… in fact, the UK has a new Prime Minister, and a Coalition government… the first since… well, I wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eyes… I guess so much stuff has happened, that this could be a silly length post… I’ll try to give … Continue reading

Take to it like a fish to dry land

So I’ve enrolled in studying for a Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics… this is apparently a Social Science Degree… via the Open University. Anyways, this is week two, or maybe three, I can’t quite work it out from the documentation they’ve kindly shared with me… and so far I’ve got one assignment due on … Continue reading

And breathe…

It’s been a horrific day. – I’m worried about a few things have no right place on here (!!) – People have been narking me with excuses or crazy thoughts – One of my processes looks likely to blow up in the next seven weeks, and it’s too important to the Group right now to … Continue reading

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