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“They Fly Forgotten Like A Dream…”

“Time, like an ever rolling stream, Bears all its sons away; They fly, forgotten, as a dream Dies at the opening day.” I wrote last week about trying to use the new year to be better at keeping in touch with my family and it turns out that time, that irrepressible phenomenon, intervened and took … Continue reading

2016 -New Opportunities to Revisit the things I enjoy

So a happy New Year! It’s now 2016 and on this January 1st the year seems full of opportunities and hope. A year to try new things, or perhaps to reconnect with and revisit the things you once did, or once enjoyed. I write this having not blogged in over a year – 15 months … Continue reading

Got the Uniform – Will Volunteer

So day Two in Glasgow down and a bit of a quite one I guess… my only real task was the collection of my Games Uniform… which is a rather fetching Grey & Red number. That said, the ‘Brand Protection’ people will be doing their nuts as we don’t get standard issue trainers to go with … Continue reading

A new addition to the home

As a country boy, I’ve always been of the view that owning a dog in a city is a bit of a bad idea… the dog doesn’t have much space to grow up in and frankly, city dog owners appear to be rather rubbish at cleaning up after their pets. Dina on the other hand … Continue reading

I’ve been busy… honest Guv’

So it’s been a shoddy few weeks from me, I’ve not posted in a few weeks and in all honesty, I have been a) busy and b) lazy. Since coming back from Bombay at the beginning of February I’ve been to Northern Ireland (twice), Edinburgh and Birmingham on trips. I’ve been stubbornly been trying to … Continue reading

Catching up with Friends

As Dina & I are back in Bombay we’ve taken the opportunity to catch up with friends we made whilst we both lived in India. On Friday evening we caught up with some of Dina’s closest friends, whilst on Saturday, some ladies I used to work with in Bombay came in to town (Sonya & … Continue reading

Turning 30…

The 13th of December this year marked my 30th Birthday. Some people get gooey eyed about milestone birthdays… I didn’t, but I did do a bit of research… apparently the life expectancy of a human being in 2011 is 67 years… so I’m still under half way, which means that my ‘youth’ has been extended … Continue reading

Dan & Alexa’s Wedding

Last weekend Dina & I travelled to Devon for the wedding of our friends Dan & Alexa. I first met Dan when we shared the same flat in Chelmsford, quite a few years ago now and I met Alexa through Dan. On the Friday night, I left London on the train & Dina left Belfast … Continue reading

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