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Apple Release – Unwatchable

My wife is fully in the cult… a disciple of Jobs without question. I use the products as well, though I ended up with one because the phone I actually wanted on specification was the size of a brick so whilst I appreciate that it works well and looks good, I’m not in the cult. … Continue reading

New Phone!

The end of March saw the end of my two year contract with O2, a two year contract that frankly saw me treated as a prisoner by a network provider who I had been with since they bought over Genie Mobile back in the early Naughties. I had seriously bad network issues over the full … Continue reading

Boxing Day Sales – come & gone!

A few weeks ago, Dina & I travelled to Amsterdam and whilst walking around we entered a Microsoft X-Box Kinect promotional suite in the shopping area. After a full demo and the opportunity to play tennis and a dancing game, we both decided we loved the idea & would look to see if we could … Continue reading

You may not get this…

I’ve recently moved home to a flat in Streatham and have, consistently, suffered weekend internet blackouts. To add to a recent and growing list of rants about customer service (UPS, the BBC and Belfast) I have to say that BT did their best this morning to aggravate me. During yet another connection black out, I … Continue reading

O2 – I’m leaving you!

I have around 10 month to run on my O2 mobile phone contract, yet with absolute certainty, I can tell you now, that unless they offer to move the ocean and moon for me come renewal time, I’ll be off to pastures new. I’m leaving, not because I am having issues with my network (though … Continue reading

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