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Ten years away (kinda)

So ten years ago this week I packed pretty much my early possessions into the back of my Vauxhall Astra and drove to Birmingham to join (what was then) LloydsTSB. There have been emails and messages flying around from my cohort reminiscing about that initial induction weekend and of course the life memories that we’ve … Continue reading

A free ticket to Celtic Park you say?

  Day three of my trip to Glasgow saw me complete my preparations for the games. I attended Commonwealth House in the city centre to go through my ‘Just In Time’ training – aimed at those volunteers who were from outside the UK. It was an ecletic mix of ex-pat Scots, English, Welsh and Northern … Continue reading

Balancing Act – I’m no gymnast

I’ve been in Bangalore for two full months now and in that time, I’ve managed to secure a job, we’ve bought a dog and generally it’s been quite busy. We’ve been building new friendships and I’ve done the occasional blog posting for a local website on what it’s like to be an expat in Bangalore. … Continue reading

IST – Indian Stretchy Time

India operates Indian Standard Time as their time zone… it’s four and an half hours ahead of British Summer Time (and five and an half hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time). As with most over time zones, it gets shortened to its acronym IST. As you can tell from this blog’s title, this often gets … Continue reading

Bengaluru – Home

On Friday evening my parents brought me to Dublin Airport for the start of the next chapter of life – and the tour – as I was emigrating to India to join up with my wife. The journey itself, with Eithad and Jet Airways, was pretty unspectacular other than a ridiculously overcrowded terminal in Abu … Continue reading

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