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2016 -New Opportunities to Revisit the things I enjoy

So a happy New Year! It’s now 2016 and on this January 1st the year seems full of opportunities and hope. A year to try new things, or perhaps to reconnect with and revisit the things you once did, or once enjoyed. I write this having not blogged in over a year – 15 months … Continue reading

The Irish League – moving forward?

As an expat one of the things I miss most about home is going along to watch my team Portadown each Saturday. As a former Fermanagh resident, it involves a bit of a journey – with Ballinamallard being the exception to the rule – but the opportunity to spend a bit of time with Dad, … Continue reading

The Indian Super League – Franchise Football in India

Next month sees the commencement of the Indian Super League (ISL) – a football Franchise system modelled on the Indian Premier League (and which has been replicated in the Pro Kabaddi League here as well). Eight new teams will be formed, owned by no doubt, glamorous, rich, Indians and marketed to death. It will be screened … Continue reading

The Games

So my Commonwealth Games blogging got seriously way-laid as I changed accommodation from a reasonably decent hostel to my mate’s sofa as Glasgow’s accommodation sold out. After three nights on the couch I then ended up in a somewhat more, shall we say, down market hostel where the wifi connection was so bad, uploading a … Continue reading

A free ticket to Celtic Park you say?

  Day three of my trip to Glasgow saw me complete my preparations for the games. I attended Commonwealth House in the city centre to go through my ‘Just In Time’ training – aimed at those volunteers who were from outside the UK. It was an ecletic mix of ex-pat Scots, English, Welsh and Northern … Continue reading

Got the Uniform – Will Volunteer

So day Two in Glasgow down and a bit of a quite one I guess… my only real task was the collection of my Games Uniform… which is a rather fetching Grey & Red number. That said, the ‘Brand Protection’ people will be doing their nuts as we don’t get standard issue trainers to go with … Continue reading

XX Commonwealth Games – Glasgow

It all started with London 2012… I was clearly young & silly… I really, really, really, should have volunteered for the London 2012 games – but I didn’t and I can’t change that history. It was a marvellous event for the Capital (and the wider UK in my opinion) but I wasn’t part of it… … Continue reading

Back to London & London Prepares

I’ve been back in the capital for just over a week now and I’ve managed to slip into a routine which is tough, but which is good for me! I’m up each work day morning at six to head to the pool to do a mile in the water before heading to work. I have … Continue reading

Boxing Day – Lurgan Styleeee!

The 26th December in the UK is ‘Boxing Day’… it’s the day after Christmas and in days gone by, a day when the Rich would give their servants a boxed gift. Today, in Northern Ireland, outside of finishing off the Turkey, it is famous for one thing… it’s Football Derby Day! This season saw the … Continue reading

2014 World Cup Qualifying Fixtures

So Northern Ireland’s Qualifying Fixtures for the 2014 World Cup have been released this morning:   Friday 7 September 2012 – Russia (away) Tuesday 11 September 2012 – Luxembourg (home) Tuesday 16 October 2012 – Portugal (away) Wednesday 14 November 2012 – Azerbaijan (home) Friday 22 March 2013 – Russia (home) Tuesday 26 March 2013 … Continue reading

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