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The Leela Kempinski, Kovalam – Kerala

This past weekend was the Good Lady’s birthday, so we headed off for a long weekend – deciding to go with the relative luxury of a Leela Kempinski resort, in Kerala. Neither of us had been to this south westerly state of India, so that was an added bonus (we’re trying to avoid repeating if … Continue reading

The Games

So my Commonwealth Games blogging got seriously way-laid as I changed accommodation from a reasonably decent hostel to my mate’s sofa as Glasgow’s accommodation sold out. After three nights on the couch I then ended up in a somewhat more, shall we say, down market hostel where the wifi connection was so bad, uploading a … Continue reading

Got the Uniform – Will Volunteer

So day Two in Glasgow down and a bit of a quite one I guess… my only real task was the collection of my Games Uniform… which is a rather fetching Grey & Red number. That said, the ‘Brand Protection’ people will be doing their nuts as we don’t get standard issue trainers to go with … Continue reading

XX Commonwealth Games – Glasgow

It all started with London 2012… I was clearly young & silly… I really, really, really, should have volunteered for the London 2012 games – but I didn’t and I can’t change that history. It was a marvellous event for the Capital (and the wider UK in my opinion) but I wasn’t part of it… … Continue reading

IST – Indian Stretchy Time

India operates Indian Standard Time as their time zone… it’s four and an half hours ahead of British Summer Time (and five and an half hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time). As with most over time zones, it gets shortened to its acronym IST. As you can tell from this blog’s title, this often gets … Continue reading

Bengaluru – Home

On Friday evening my parents brought me to Dublin Airport for the start of the next chapter of life – and the tour – as I was emigrating to India to join up with my wife. The journey itself, with Eithad and Jet Airways, was pretty unspectacular other than a ridiculously overcrowded terminal in Abu … Continue reading

“Life is a Journey…

… pack accordingly” has to be one of my favourite quotes. It carries a number of levels of meaning in my mind… be prepared, be flexible, know that somewhere down the line you’re simply going to have to do laundry. As I mentioned on Friday, ‘the Tour’ is back… the ‘journey’ continues. At the end … Continue reading

2014… the tour is about to go back on the road.

And hello 2014… quite some time later I guess. So I left the tour and you, the reader, in mid 2012 as my sojourn outside of Northern Ireland was finally due to end. In July of that year, I did indeed relocate to Belfast and commence a new job. Later that year, I got married … Continue reading

End of the Tour?

So firstly a big ‘bad me’ for the complete absence of blogs now since early April… so nearly three months later I’m back, feeling like writing and yet the whole reason for this blog is almost obsolete. I started this blog in early 2005 as a way of keeping friends & family in touch with … Continue reading

I’ve been busy… honest Guv’

So it’s been a shoddy few weeks from me, I’ve not posted in a few weeks and in all honesty, I have been a) busy and b) lazy. Since coming back from Bombay at the beginning of February I’ve been to Northern Ireland (twice), Edinburgh and Birmingham on trips. I’ve been stubbornly been trying to … Continue reading

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