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Leaving India… back to Blightly!

So we left Goa in pretty rough shape unfortunately. Our upset stomachs from the night before hadn’t gotten any better (indeed, in Dina’s case somewhat worse), we were also pretty weary from another early start. We got back to Dina’s place in Khar and got some shut eye, before cleaning up & heading out to … Continue reading

Namaste Bombay! Again.

Yesterday Dina & I caught the 9W117 flight from Heathrow to Mumbai for our first vacation of the year and it was fair to say that we were both quite excited at the departure gate waiting to board. It was to be our first return to Bombay since we left in late 2010. Dina had … Continue reading

Pescara, Italy

So despite watching NI get bit of a tanking at the hands of the Azzuro I got to spend a bit of October 2011 in sunshine at 30 degrees!! Pleasant I think we’d all agree!! One of the great things about watching International Football is that every now & then it gives you the chance … Continue reading

3 day heat wave sparks moaning…

Yesterday (Monday) was the hottest day of the year so far in the U.K. with the temperature touching just over 32 C (90 F), prompting failures in trainlines, news programme features about how to avoid dying in the heat and of course, that great British Tradition of moaning about the weather. Sure, it was warm, … Continue reading

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