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I’ve been busy… honest Guv’

So it’s been a shoddy few weeks from me, I’ve not posted in a few weeks and in all honesty, I have been a) busy and b) lazy. Since coming back from Bombay at the beginning of February I’ve been to Northern Ireland (twice), Edinburgh and Birmingham on trips. I’ve been stubbornly been trying to … Continue reading

Wedding Shopping – Desi Style

Dina & I are in Bombay on some vacation, however our principle reason for being here is to buy a number of things for our wedding later in the year. So the past couple of days have been spent heading around the shops, working out exactly what it is we want, trying to get the … Continue reading

Dina in London

This weekend Dina came over to London for her first trip to see me in 2012. As I’ve been over home a bit in December, January was her turn to come & see me! She flew over on the Friday night, so it was a latish when I met her at Streatham Common train station… … Continue reading

Christmas & the New Year

So it’s 2012… a new year, with new expectations, hopes and dreams. It’s the year I intend to wed. There’s so much to look forward to. As I type this, I’m back in London in my flat in Streatham and it’s a bit nippy. We actually ran out of gas in December, so there’s paranoia … Continue reading

Wedding Update

This week I’ve been staying in Belfast with Dina and we’ve been working on our wedding plans – focussing on getting the Florist & the Photogapher sorted out. As you’ll have read previously, we’ve sorted the venue and the videographer out, so these next two will mean we’ve got quite a bit of the big … Continue reading

NI and Wedding Preparations

This weekend passed I travelled over to Northern Ireland for a few days to catch up with Dina and to continue our Wedding Preparations. It was probably one of the smoothest return journeys I’ve completed this year to the Province with Buses, Trains and Planes all running to schedule (well nearly – the Translink service … Continue reading

A few days in Northern Ireland

Yesterday was the first day of a week long vacation for me though I actually flew over to Northern Ireland on Friday night and managed to avoid pretty much all of the rioting in London and the rest of England by being in Belfast… it’s not often someone escapes to ‘the province’ for peace!! My … Continue reading

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