Photos 2009

Down the years of the tour, there have been many photos. Unfortunately, many have been lost through thefts, but there are still plenty to share. In this section I hope to publish the best of what I have taken down the years (and occasionally what someone else has taken for me). In order to give a kind of chronological order, I’ve dated albums yy/mm/dd – I hope that doesn’t cause too much consternation…

I hope you enjoy.

January 2009 – India

February 2009 – Palolem, Goa

February 2009 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 2009 – Pisa, Italy

February 2009 – Oporto, Portugal

March 2009 – Bombay & Taj Mahal, India

April 2009 – Darjeeling, India

May 2009 – Mark’s Stag Do

May 2009 – Mark’s Wedding

September 2009 – The Mumbai Office Team

October 2009 – Sri Lanka

October 2009 – Czech Rep. V Northern Ireland

October 2009 – The Indian Jungle

November 2009 – Indian Football

December 2009 – Dubai



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