Boardwalk Empire

Episode 1

So a new season of Nucky running around trying to set up booze deals and make himself some money… yup, Boardwalk Empire is back!

It’s fair to say this is one of my favourite TV shows with ‘bad guy’ characters with charm and wit, who basically you can’t help but root for. And yet this first episode lacked the speed or oomph so frequently associated with the show.

Perhaps because of the frequent drops back to Eli’s childhood, perhaps because they were in Cuba (where everyone is laid back) or perhaps because the Mafioso in New York are just getting to know each other… I really can’t say, but when it was done, both my wife & I looked at each other and went ‘meh’.

Not a great start for Season five, fingers crossed it rediscovers it’s mojo.

Episodes 2 & 3

So after the season’s opening slow burn, episodes two and three are slowly picking up speed.

Nucky is back in the States following his Cuban business dealings and looking to get to the bottom of who tried to have him hit ‘Havana-side’. Meeting up with the Sicilians didn’t seem to settle Nucky but rather put him on edge. An edge that sees the first body turn up on the pavement with a post card knifed in to it!

Nucky’s second wife, Margaret, isn’t having such a good time of it either as she gets mixed up in Rothstein’s missing money – despite Rothstein being dead…

Things are looking up for some characters though as both Chalky and Gillian Darmody seem to be on the path to getting back to where they were… albeit with grievances to settle!

The flashbacks to Nucky’s youth continue… a downside for me personally as whilst they’re getting more interesting, they’re not (at this point at least0 adding anything to the story. Fingers crossed they do!



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